Why should you use Firefox browser ?

Firefox browser is faster, more secure than IE and fully customizable. What's Cool about Firefox ?
  • Upon installation, it will let you import all your browser favorites and settings from other browser.
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Latest Firefox release has a built-in spell checker making your edits easy while composing e-mail or  posting a blog.
  • Firefox blocks all unwanted pop-ups
  • Unlike IE, Firefox doesn't require frequent patch updates because their are hardly any holes.

We recommend all Broadband users in India to connect to the web using Firefox for safe and pleasant browsing experience.

Firefox is Free and is the BEST available browser for Windows[98 /ME /XP /Vista ] platform.


Internet Explorer - IE  was unsafe for 284 days in the year 2006. IE was flaky with 33 flaws,
  • 23 Critical Flaws
  • 3 Important
  • 6 Moderate and
  • 1 Low Priority

References: BroadbandIndia.Com researched the Microsoft Security Bulletin with reference to IE 6.0. Find links to the same  - One, Two, Three, Four  Five and Six.

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